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Thread: How to burn boot DVD over 4GB?

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    Default How to burn boot DVD over 4GB?

    I have created ISO file with bootable Windows XP, Knoppix, Partition Magic 8, burn it on bootable DVD and it works. File is 1,20GB large so I make another ISO with Windows XP, Knoppix, Partition Magic 8 and folder named Programs and fill it with various programs. Make another ISO file 4,02GB large but Windows XP instalation won't work. Without folder Programs, it works.
    Why it wont work and how to burn bootable DVD with folder Programs?
    This is what I get when I run it thru Virtual PC or burn DVD and boot from DVD.
    This is what i get starting Vitrual PC:
    "This file does not appear to be CD image.
    CD image files must be greater than 2MB and a multiple of 2K in size."
    and than (when I start boot from DVD):
    "Line 1 of the INF file \wmce\winnt..sif is invalid
    Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit."

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    I had a similar problem. I think I solved it. This is how:

    I dunno why, but the DVD only boots up if you take care when building the ISO. I had to put in the i386 folder (win-stuff) FIRST, then added the other stuff.

    It seems that images above a certain size can't boot without this step.

    Hope this helps.
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