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Thread: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

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    Hey everybody, im the new guys. ive been using alcohol 120% and daemon tools for some time now, and i noticed that neither virt drive proggies i sue can actually load up war3 x. on my bros comp he get it to work, and idont know whats wrong but i cant get it to work on my com. any ideas? :shock:

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    There are some posts in the Bug forum that tell you how to get the Frozen Throne working. Use Alcohol 120 with DPM at 1x or something, using SecureROM 4.x

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    w00t, thanks sky, it took a while to load, even on a fast comp but it worked w00t :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: you = 8)

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    I need some help for running The Frozen Throne without CD.
    I successfully did an image (.mds) of the CD with Alcohol 120%, I did mount it using Daemon Tools v.3.33. Everything is ok, but I still can't run the game without CD. So, anyone knows the problem ?

    Btw, when I made image of the Cd, I put the speed to "Max", is it ok ?
    What's dpm at 1X ?
    About SecureRom 4.8x, I only see "SecureRom New" in Alcohol.

    Thanks for your help

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    Do NOT double post!
    You need to run a DPM for working SecuROM 4.8x image/backup - itґs recommended to do it at 1x speed to get best result.
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