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Thread: Windows Vista

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    Default Windows Vista

    Windwos Vista Beta 1 is now available.

    Is DT V4 going to be tested on that platform?[/code]

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    Default Vista aka. Longhorn

    Check this thread I found via the easy to use forum search feature!!

    I think you are a little impatient, they just recently renamed Longhorn to Vista. I think we have 17 months to prepare for the public release in Christmas 2006.

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    That is an old build.... The Vista bild was finished on the 26th and released as beta on the 27th

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    Default Re: Vista aka. Longhorn

    Testing is already underway, according to Andareed. So, I am assuming Vista/Longhorn compatibility will not be abondoned just because they have a new build #.

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    Default Crash under Windows Vista Beta 1


    I just want to inform that DAEMON Tools 3.47 is not working on Windows Vista Beta 1 Build 5112. The effect is the same as mentioned in the Thread linked in a earlier message.

    The Vista-Recovery-Program has for the moment no clue about the reason and reports the following Error:

    Please understand me right, I don't expect that DT must run under Vista in that early moment. In my role as a Beta-Tester I just tried and therfore is here my report as information.


    If someone has tried too ... the continous rebooting process can be stopped by quickly load the Device Manager and uninstall the "... BIOS" -Extension or similar. It has the yellow Questionmark.

    The installer programm has not finished and if you now install another programm you might be asked, if you want to rollback the DEAMON Tools installation. For me, that had no additional impact on the System.

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    It seems like most things do not work with Vista... Which was the reason that I was woundering about DT.. I thing that as more hardware is supported DT will work as will. I have faith in the people with DT....

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    In this short test time (2 Days) I have found a lot of programs and tools they are not running on Windows Vista:
    - Symantec Internet Security 2005 & 2006 Beta
    - WinAce
    - WinRar (partially working)
    - Babylon
    - IsoBuster
    - ...

    But there are programs they run without problems (for now):
    - TV Browser
    - Java 1.5
    - AntiVir Classic
    - MS Office 2003
    - Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2
    - Roxio Easy Media Creator
    - Adobe Reader
    - Neuston Media Center

    Every installation is a new Adventure. :-)


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    Once Windows Vista goes retail it makes sense to make sure that Daemon works with it .. but not before .. Vista still needs a lot of work and could change many more times breaking compability each time.

    It's more productive to concentrate on OS's that are final.

    And with so many other programs that don't work under Vista I think it's more Vista than anything that causes uncompability .. A good OS should work with all the programs for the platform.

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    A good OS should work with all the programs for the platform
    More or less: yes

    But you have shurely noticed, that the Programs not working are all Tools they have low-level access to the System. Because a lot of the System have changed its no surprise that they don't work anymore.

    But an interesting thing: Have you noticed the icon in the back on this Beta Screenshot (

    Someone has found a way to run DT.

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    Default DT on Vista

    DT 3.11 works fine on Win Vista


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