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Thread: so dt v4 beta begins ...

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    Default so dt v4 beta begins ...

    well very good news beta test are started

    so what the first idea of beta tester ???

    works well ??
    works well but ... ??
    doesnt work ... ???

    bugs, no bugs???

    wonderfull ???

    sure it must rock...... NO.......???


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    how is your posting related to "suggestions"???

    to answer your questions: we found new bugs, yes
    apart from that stability seems to be good

    more information is available when we post it in the announcement
    section. Til then just be patient please.

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    thx for your reply


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    ** Sits quietly in the corner waiting for the big day **

    It will arrive when it arrives

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    sitting here like whole day long and waiting for the next news to be posted... its saturday, August the 6th..... hehe Or maybe someone forgot about posting the news?

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    the news HAS been posted

    Dear Community,

    more than a week passed through and we have some results but also some
    bugs found in latest beta. As already mentioned earlier, we plan to release
    a nearly bug-free version and not some half-baked version. Also we will inform
    the community (you icon_wink.gif ) a week before we officially release the new V4 -
    no need to hang around here every day to check if we already released something or to spam into the forums

    Beside of that, there's nothing real important atm, but at least I want to
    inform you that nothing unusual happens, no real drawbacks and no serious
    bugs that will delay the release to next quarter.

    Also we will move to a new portal-system soon, so you better check-out that
    your email-adress is still valid!

    New Pro-Screenshots will be also posted soon

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    jupp.. i was it about 30 seconds after it was posted..hehe


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