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Thread: New IPTV show about Games!

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    Default New IPTV show about Games!

    Ok, I know this is not really related to DT, but that is what the off topic section if for, and I figured since most of the people who browse these forums also play games that they would find this post interesting. So here is goes:

    A New IPTV show called WASD.TV just went live today. The show is about games, made by gamers, for gamers! Anyway the first episode is about Quakecon which is less than a month away and is the largest lanparty in North America. Probally the world because I do not know of any lanparties that are larger than Quakecon. But anyway you can find the show's website at . Also If you have any show ideas, or comments please feel free to e-mail

    We already have an idea to work the new version of Daemin Tools into a future show, but any other ideas are welcome.

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    would be nice to see Daemon Tools in that show. If you want some more
    background or Interview, don't hesitate to ask

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    Will do! I know where I can reach you. I know the new version is going to (for lack of a better word) kick major @ss. I know it is going to be a really nice well developed version just as previous versions have been, and it will be quite worthy of some coverage. It is also a life saver at LANparties which are a very big topic with most of the viewers of WASD.TV since we are all avid gamers.


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