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Thread: Diablo 2 Asking for CD

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    Default Diablo 2 Asking for CD

    Operating System : Windows XP
    Burning Software : Nero 6
    Anti-virus Software : AVG FREE
    DAEMON Tools Version : 3.47
    OK, I have the D2 bin file, but when I load it, it asks for a cd to be in the drive. Why is that? Is there a way to make it work without the actual legit cd in the drive? I burned the CD into a CD-R and still no luck. Now my cd is scratched as hell and I can barely play with it, and burning it again is out of the question.. any solutions?

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    !!!! I think I got it after further reading and fiding out about the Alcohol 120% and the image making thing method. But now I have 2 questions
    1. How do I make drive D: a different letter so that DT can emulate on D
    2. For the Emulators to work, does DT need to be running?

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    1. Try to run D2 via game.exe, not D2.exe, it should work then, otherwise you've to change the drive letters (run diskmgmt.msc) so Daemon Tools virtual device gets the lowest available cd-rom drive letter,
    2. actually you don't need any emulation to play from (good) image.
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    If I set DT to D: (lowest) no game should ask for a cd then?

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    No, it depends on the game. Most games don't care, but some - usually older - games run from the lowest drive letter or from the drive they were installed from only.
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    They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!

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    Ok so how do I stop them from asking for a cd without the need of a crack (since patches are released very often)

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    Default how do I bypass any game's CD/DVD check?

    Quote Originally Posted by TylerDurden
    Ok so how do I stop them from asking for a cd without the need of a crack (since patches are released very often)
    Follow the directions regarding reading to the hard disk and for mounting CD/DVD's (you will be able to get almost any program/game you want to use fully working via DAEMON Tools, and even more so after the next version fixes a few blacklists). And keep asking questions if you can't get certain games to work.

    p.s. You won't find any information about how to get a "crack" on this website. It even makes people worried when you talk about it.

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    Where do I get the directions? And I use a crack.. because obviously the game won't load without a crack, which is why I'm trying to figure out how to only use DT, and I refer from usig the Diablo 2 CD cuz its scratched badly like I said before. Cracks are not illegal

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    if your cd isn't readable anymore you should contact the publisher and
    ask for a replacement. This will of course need you to purchase some dollars
    for it again.

    With your old disc, you're on a lost.

    What concerns your "Cracks" are not illegal: they are illegal on some places
    already, and WE for sure don't support cracks. It's even not allowed to
    discuss here on THIS portal about it. I suggest to read the BOARDRULES
    again (you know, the part that you accepted when you registered here)
    Normally, we kick people just for mentioning it, but it seems you're indeed
    owner of a legal copy. So my advice is to use DAEMON Tools for your new
    copy so you won't have to replace it again. After you got your new copy
    from your publisher come back and we explain to you exactly how to
    make it run from virtual drive. But before there's nothing we can do, sorry

    here is a direct link to our boardrules, please read them carefully!!

    after all, this is like a house and we have the right to decide about what
    to talk and what not. It's not acceptable that we get legal problems just
    because people can't obey on our rules.

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    Ok sorry. Well, one of my friends might have his copy so maybe I could borrow his, and as for the scratched one, I doubt they actually go through the trouble of replacing it and my dad wouldn't pay the fee (ever) but my friend will proably land it. If he doesn't, is it possible to make a 1:1 copy of the IMAGE only?
    Edit: after readimg the rules I found that I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't discuss about them, I just said I use one... never asked any "questions" about it. I won't talk about it anymore, I understand though
    Edit 2: I think you made a mistake in the rules, there's a Dutch rule (5) in the English section

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