Operating System: xp sp2
Burning Software: clonecd
Anti-virus Software: avg
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

The problem I am having is with an old game called Xwing vs TieFighter. I did a check and there is no cd protection on it. I have the virtual drives appear and mount the image to those drive. I get the icon of the cd. The problem lies in using the virtual drives. I can access the files on the cd and install the software but when i go to run the program using its icon it doesnt do anything. I get a little hourglass that just stays there. THe cpu temp of my machine climbs up and when I check the cpu processes i see the xwingtie.exe appear and reappear. This file would take me to a menu that would allow me to go into the game, change options and whatnot. What does work is the game exe. But that is the only way i can access the game. When i place the cd in the drive The menu would appear and i could go into the game. Autoplay does not work on the virtual drive. Any help in why this is happening? The cd is a mixed cd with a main data file and 7 or 8 audio tracks. THanks!!!!