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Thread: Copying sims 2 ????

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    Default Copying sims 2 ????

    hi , what would be the best way to copy sims 2 dvd edition, i think its safedisk 3 ?

    i tried making + burning image using alc 120% but it click on the icon it says to insert the correct disk.
    can it be done using daemon ?


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    Default sims 2 dvd edition

    DAEMON Tools doesn't burn CD's or DVD's (yet) it just will just load the discs onto a virtual (fake) cd-rom drive to trick windows into playing the game without the real CD (or DVD) being inserted.

    p.s. could you scan the ORIGINAL disc and post the results (A-Ray Scanner download link) so we could add it to our game database under the letter T.

    DAEMON Tools should be able to mount the Alcohol 120% created image file and the game should work if its safedisc 3.x. This means playing from a virtual cd/dvd instead of a backup copy/burned disc.

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    Default Re: sims 2 dvd edition

    Please could you instructions on how to do this.

    thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: sims 2 dvd edition

    results of scan for sims 2 dvd edition are:

    [09:53:58 AM] Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 2/3
    [09:54:12 AM] --- File(s) Scan Finished [20.75s] ---

    ps. please could you leave instructions on how to make this game work without a cd.


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    Default Re: sims 2 dvd edition

    it was successful !

    i made the image of the sims 2, then mounted it with daemon.

    it works perfectly exept the error "please insert disk" , i just press cancel then it carries on as normal .



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