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Thread: RQ: basic Win9x/ME version

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    Default RQ: basic Win9x/ME version

    As it's been said in the anouncements, the next version won't support Windows 9x/ME It's bad news for a lot of people.
    So, here's the question: would you make some "lite" build for these OS, please ?
    Just remove the NT-dependent functions, and if it's better than v3.47 release it

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

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    I don't think D-Tools dev team should waste time adding support for a 7yr old OS.
    Even MS doesn't want to support it.
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    First question is, what do you need it for anyway?
    V3.47 should work fine with most games, the other way around only very few newer games support 9x/ME.
    There might come an updated/blacklist-fixed v3.x version, but don't count on it.
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    Maybe it's just not possible to create an IDE virtual drive in Windows 9x/ME?
    I'm sure this decision was only made with progress in mind. If Windows 9x/ME compatibility would hinder progress, then I think it's a good decision to drop it.

    What would you prefer: DT not compatible with Windows 9x/ME, but it beats protections like Starforce and it's much harder to blacklist?
    DT still compatible with Windows 9x/ME, but still can't beat Starforce and still can be easily blacklisted?

    I prefer the first choice

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    The problem is that 9x/ME is completely different compared to NT-kernel based OS, so it would require to develop an own 9x/ME driver.
    Around 90% of our users use NT-based OS, and the ca. 9% still using 9x/ME will probably either upgrade to NT-based OS in near future, or can continue using v3.47.
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    Well, v3.47 works great, but it lacks the compressed images support which'll be included in v4
    I think that's the main reason for me to ask about 9x compability

    Anyways, keep up the good work & greetings to all the devs


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