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Thread: My view on things, plz read before posting a question

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    Default Re: Hey

    Quote Originally Posted by muffinhead
    BTW what country is daemon tools developed in? any info very much appreciated. Thank You
    My invoice for Daemon Tools shows an address in Ukraine.
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    Daemon Tools development is located at different countries spread all over the world, some coders, graphic-designers, management, support and so on.

    In case of interest, you can write to, please include
    full name, your age and location, coding-capabilities or artwork or whatever you
    think you can contribute. We accept only rar-archives - nothing executable, no
    zip-archivs, please. It's possible that we additional hire 1-2 people for our
    team. It could take some time before you receive an answer, so don't be
    surprised if you don't get any response the same week. Normally, we respond
    within the next 8-10 days

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    when DT4 comes out waited so long for it my win xp 64 bit :/(

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    What about temporal multiboot...? Important: Note that you'd have to adjust both the deflector matrix and primary plasma conduit arrays in order to operate multiple warp cores at safe levels.
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    Default D-tools V4

    Will daemon tools V4 still be compatable with 32-bit systems as well as 64-bit systems? Will D-Tools V4 and earlier versions be compatatable with the new windows operating sytem "Windows Vista", When it Debuts for retail? Any Info Greatly Appreciated, Thank You
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    @Nemerov et al. : yup I'd also thought this is all 'bout the hypotenuse of the hippopotamus and so if the sun settles down left side up, then it will be tomorrow and the sparrow will be roaring in the roof's girders!! :P

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    Default ...

    I've done some forum searches regarding muffinhead's post (page 1 link)

    Windows Vista

    Daemon Tools v4/Windows XP x64 support
    the modern world:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ,jACkdA\W
    ...and the sparrow will be roaring in the roof's girders!! :P
    No, actually... he's eating the flusterous zombie's rotten eye, as displayed below:

    I think this is someway appropriate for this thread ! By the way, this zombie *tried* to climb out of his grave, but it didn't manage to get out wholly - its lower half is still held captive by the earth, so the corpse is really ill-starred..
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