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Thread: Linux?

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    Default Linux?

    Can i use Deamon tools with Linux.. :?: :?:

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    No, use a loopback FS instead.

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    And what is Loopback LF... Is it like windows emulator... And thanks anyway

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    this is an option in the mount command...

    You can use it like that (and you need to open a console before )
    su (you need root rights do use the mount command)
    mount -t iso9660 -o loop name_of_the_file.iso where_you_want_to_mount_it

    You can add some options if you want, but this shall be enough.

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    Default not good

    this doesnґt emulate the copy protection of the CDs...

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    Default Re: linux

    Quote Originally Posted by Fedarkyn
    this doesnґt emulate the copy protection of the CDs...
    Try to name 5 linux-based copy protected CDs

    But you're right, there isn't a solution right now.
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    Hб, so you understand my point...

    I want it to finally play my windows protected games under wine (cedega is in fact like a wine + a "daemon tools" like feature).


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    cedega is NOT like a wine + a "daemon tools" !

    cedega is an accelerated wine with more support for directx - it does NOT mount any ISO files with their respective copy protection.

    However I would definitely like to have Daemon Tools available for Linux - so I didn't have to swap my CDs so often.

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    Default Ned for a Linux version of daemon tools

    Quote Originally Posted by Underheaven
    Try to name 5 linux-based copy protected CDs

    But you're right, there isn't a solution right now.
    Hi all,

    I understand that Daemon tools is just available for WINDOWS and that there is a shell command available for Linux to mount iso images.

    But please understand: The shell command is by far not satisfying. I am very reluctant to work with the shell ( actually I hate it) and I would love to have a DAEMON version available that would allow his me to mount an image more conveniently. (e.g. displaying an icon on the desktop )

    So, DAEMON tool folks, do the LINUX users a favour and generate a Linux version of your terrific software. You would really bridge a big, big gap.

    You would really hit the market and help many people who consider to switch from WINDOWS to Linux but hesitate to do so because Linux still lacks many beloved tools like yours.

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    does exists an alternative for linux users to mount ISOs with their corresponding copy protection?

    my games are the only reason I keep a windows in my machine

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