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Thread: Game not running, because of blacklist.

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    Default Game not running, because of blacklist.

    The game is Max Payne. I put the real (the one that came in the box) cd in and it does not get by the splash screen. According to Max Payne support it could be Daemon Tools (along with other software that could cause this). I have uninstalled all of it and I still get the problem. Could Daemon-Tools leave anything behind that could cause this, I had 3.29 installed. Or is it most likely not Daemon Tools?

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    Max Payne uses rather old SD2 version, as even update v1.05 uses 2.51.020 only, so thereґs no blacklist. Works fine for me even with DT 3.29 installed.
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    That is why I was surprised. I eventually looked through msconfig for anything I thought I missed. There was a random program in their checked called trickler_4010.exe that was in my C:\windows\temp directory. I unchecked it from start up and then deleted it, and now it works. Go figure.

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    trickler is a gay turd GATOR corperation lays on your computer to "help customize your ad experience" (ie, invade your privacy)

    i doubt Max Payne installed it... you could have installed it on some website or with DiVX 5.x Pro version, tho....


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