Dear community,

to whom it may concern:

we receive way too much private messages with questions like:

"when is V4 to be released"

"anything new on V4"

and my favorite one:

"can you send me the beta-version - I tell noone about it"

Members who send such stuff to us will now experience that we revoke their
personal message-capabilities. Also questions like

"you don't announced something new since ages" isn't helpfull.

In short: we test as fast as we can, found some bugs, fixed them and
start tests again. If we find no more bugs, I will mention it here!

DT Administration


it seems that our announcement provoked some of our members to
ask again for release dates per PRIVATE MESSAGE. To those I only
can answer: we need 2 hours/day to read that crap-emails and messages.

From now on, we will not answer anymore such emails. Private messages
which contain such questions will now be answered by a permanent ban,
otherwise we will never see a release