@ john:

I loved your post, it's reflecting my thoughts to the point. Here in Germany ADD/ADHD is not nearly as commonly diagnosed as in the US, but believe me, you don't necessarily need that diagnosis to grow spoiled kids. There are hundreds of thousands of examples for that, and I'm only speaking about Germany, not about the rest of the world.

Concerning your suggestions, I can happily report that most of them are already in effect. (Well, maybe I shouldn't be so happy about it considering how many annoying kids are still around here.) PMs are restricted to forum users, you'll need to enter a confirmation code and click a confirmation link in an email to register. You don't need them to log in, but I don't think that's too important, seeing that we don't have many bot-messages in this forum.

However, binding an account to one IP after registration doesn't work - many (if not most) users have internet providers that dynamically assign IPs every time you log in. So our users would be locked out as soon as they're offline. (Granted, no more rule violations, but still I don't think that's the right way )