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Thread: Daemon Tool on Windows XP 64x

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    Default Daemon Tool on Windows XP 64x

    When do daemon tool come to Windows XP 64x ??

    I only get a message when i install it :

    Device setup error: 25007 (0x61AF), -536870347 (0xE0000235) . Contact your suport persoonel.

    and then it uninstall it self

    hurry !! need it fast

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    how's that related to the homepage? Read in the correct forum, we already
    answered that question a thousand times. It will be released next month
    (as far as it's foreseeable) - or maybe a month later, as we must beta-test
    it with the x64 betatesters before

    And no, we DON'T hurry, we take all the time we need, so you download a
    product that works, or we will soon see you again here, this time with
    "fix that error. HURRY!"


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