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Thread: Will V4 be able to mount Clone CD .DVD images ?

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    Default Will V4 be able to mount Clone CD .DVD images ?


    I used the search function and dident find my answer,

    Will the new version (the one you will release when its finished and you guys are satisfied with it, and thats the way I like it )

    Be able to mount the .DVD / .000 / .001 / .002 / ... images that Clone CD creates when you dump a DVD on to the hard disk ?

    Or is there now a program / plugin I can use to eather mount or convert these images so they are mountable with Daemon Tools ?

    Thank you for any answer anyone can give me on this, and a 1000 appology's if this is answered somewhere


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    Hi, I'm not sure how robust this solution is, but i've created iso's that work in daemon before using msdos. simply copy the multiple .000, .001 etc into a single file. Obviously the ordering has to be correct otherwise you'll have a few problems.

    So to create a file dvd.iso from four files you could use:

    copy /B DVD.000 + DVD.001 + DVD.002 + DVD.003 DVD.iso


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    Default image files with numbers in their extensions (4gb disc image made via Clone CD)

    Maybe I am not understanding what process you two are using. Is there an accompanying .MDS file? If you copied the image from another machine maybe you forgot to copy the .MDS file too. If you sorted your files by size it wouldn't have been with the rest of the image files. If there is a .MDS file, you need to mount the .MDS file directly instead of files with numbers in their extensions.

    There are also utilities to create .MDS files if you don't have the original file anymore.
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    You can use DVD Decrypter's Create DVD MDS File feature, then mount the .mds instead.
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