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Thread: 64-Bit Driver

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    Default 64-Bit Driver

    I'm an avid user of Daemon Tools. Mainly because I work so much with servers and clients, I make about 20 diffrent ISO's daily to rollout changes.

    We've been bringing in some AMD64 machines for testing, and I have even converted my workstation to an AMD64. I tried installing Daemon Tools 3.46 on it, and it didn't work, then I came to the site, and saw you had 3.47, it didn't work either.
    Then I remembered its not just a program, it installs a driver too. Unfortinately 64Bit windows won't let it install.

    So my question/suggestion is, 64-bit version anytime soon?

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    In next version.
    When it is finished.;-)

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    I would also like to say I'm looking forward to a 64 bit version.
    Just to let you know more 64-bitters are here! I think most didnt reg but looking on forum and webbie for it.

    Keep up the great work \o/!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeNoM386
    In next version.
    When it is finished.;-)
    GREAT!!! , I look forward to the next release. Since installing winxp 64 bit I've missed my daemon tools!!


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    I came here looking for the 64bit driver too. :lol:

    Is there an estimated release date? T

    Thanks for the great tool :wink:

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    See above :mrgreen:
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    I just registered so that I could add a "me too!"
    Great to hear it will be in the next version. I've been using D-Tools for several years now (never had a need to come to the forums) and I'm gathering up a list of all the software I can't live without before I mess with XP 64...DTools is of course, one of those on the list!

    Thanks for everything,


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    Just to let u know. I have also 64-bit processor and need this great programme to use. U do a good job!! I can hardly wait for new version, could u predict reselse? Thnx and hear u soon.

    Bye jerry!

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    We know how much some of you are looking forward to the next release.

    But we don't give any estimated release dates because as a developer, you never know what problems are going to arise in the meantime. And it would only make users angry if we couldn't keep our self-imposed deadline, and neither would it help anyone if we released unfinished software.

    So, as harsh as it may sound to those waiting for DAEMON Tools v4, it'll be released when it's finished. Please honor our developers' efforts and keep your patience a little longer!
    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."

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    well theres nothing left then to wait :wink:

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