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Thread: Unnecessary info require in Support forum replies

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    Default Unnecessary info require in Support forum replies

    Why do I have to enter information about OS, Anti-virus, DT version, etc, when I'm replying to a post in the support forum?

    I can understand requiring that for the message that starts a thread, but not for replies.

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    Default board software

    I totally agree with you. It's annoying. I'm glad you said that. But this website is switching to a new board software soon (with the release of v4), so hopefully this idea will be implemented at the new site.
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    There's an easy way to get around this...
    just enter some crap in all those fields, post your reply and then edit it again to remove the crap :P
    But it's still annoying... :roll:

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    that would be unneccessary at new portal anyway, first version will not even request for OS and DT-Version - only threadstarter will see such formular!
    (and even not from the very first release)


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