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Thread: cd not playing

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    Default cd not playing

    Operating System: xp Home 5.1.2600 (OEM)
    Burning Software: Nero
    Anti-virus Software: AVG 7.0.344, ZoneAlarm Pro
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    System problem? Daemon Tools won't play cd image when mounted. Image name does not snow up in explorer. Same is happening in DVD drive. I managed to reinstall daemon tools recently but now has same sypmtom as DVD drive. When cd placed in Drive Autoplay does not come up but is enabled in windows. Disc does not show in Explorer. Any Help :cry: :shock: ??

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    Default AIN (Auto Insert Notification) and Autoplay

    Thanks for writing such a good description of your problem.

    Found using forum search feature:

    p.s. DAEMON Tools v4 has a built in way to configure the Operating System's Auto Insert Notification setting
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    Thanks for the post Underheaven. Actually solved this problem by running autofix.exe from It's called Autoplay Repair Wizard. Works fine.

    By the way how do you change username when you want to? :wink: :lol:

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    Didn't know that program. Can be usefull (even if autoinsert is disabled, I don't like windows freezing 2 minutes when I plug a big sata drive... so, everything is off :P )

    By the whay too, I'd like to see the answer for the second question I'm curious :wink:
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    If everyone wanted to change his or her username, we'd need to employ someone only to perform these changes. And we definitely don't want to do that.

    So, this is an absolute exception to the rule, usually you only get to choose your username only once. Underheaven has been promoted to Betatester and asked us to change his name. (By the way, we asked him to be a Betatester, not the other way round, so don't bother asking now.)
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