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Thread: Uninstall unsuccessful cannot reinstall

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    Default Uninstall unsuccessful cannot reinstall

    Operating System: Windows XP
    Burning Software: nero
    Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus
    DAEMON Tools Version: none successfully installed

    Please help! I had an old version of Daemon, sorry not sure which one, and I uninstalled it because it wouldnt get rid of the virtual drives.

    I uninstalled it I thought and the drives have gone but now whenever I start my pc I get an error message saying that a program is missing.

    I thought to get rid of that Id reinstall and uninstall Daemon again but when I try to install the one from this site i just get a 25001 error.

    Ive searched this site and it mostly says to reboot but ive done that a dozen times and i still get this error program missing message on start up and the 25001 eror when i try to install Daemon.

    Id be very grateful if anyone can help me, I dont know so much about pc;s so please in language i can understand!

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    I found the original .exe and I think its and it says 'error prodict not installed' when I try to reinstall the old version too.

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    Seems you had some 3rd party add-on or some other soft using Daemon Tools files installed - you've to un-install them, too.
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    hmm, i cant imagine what it would be...


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