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Thread: I suggest to count down for the DT 4.0 ;)

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    @Ragarnok: You're welcome - we need users who contribute to the community!
    People who can help others here and are experienced. Let us try to do our
    best to make this forum one of the most advanced one's not even for
    professionals but also for newbies!

    Everyone who improve the quality of our forum is a step forward. We need
    more engaged posters!

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    Since I can handle Xp well but am nowhere near educated enough to answer the thougest technical question may I do a 'While yur are waiting for D4' Post?

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    Default There shouldn't be a countdown

    Obviously no one wants a bugged version and a countdown would only pressure the staff to rush the app, just be patient
    we used to eat food but millionaire scientists got together & wanted us to eat a bunch of chemicals

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