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Thread: Safedisc crashes computer.

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    Default Safedisc crashes computer.

    I mounted an image of a game.When I set the emulator to enable "safedisc" and start the game, my computer suddenly crashes.
    It freezes for a couple of seconds then reboot.

    If you know how to fix this problem with SAFEDISC please help me! :shock:

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    Default need more information

    saved, Please provide some information.

    Operating System and Service Pack:
    A list of all your Burning Software :
    Anti-virus Software :
    DAEMON Tools Version :

    What game?

    Blue Screen of Death or reboot instantly without error messages or warnings?

    It this reboot issue specific to any safedisc emulated game or just to one game?

    Have you applied the latest patches to your video drivers?

    Latest game patches/upates from the games website?

    Try running SFC /SCANNOW from the command prompt (you'll need to have your windows CD handy)

    Are you using the most recent version of directX (Dxdiag.exe can diagose some errors)?

    Using any firewall software?

    When did you last perform a thorough spyware scan (using more than one companies scanner)?
    the modern world:
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