Using this method i can get most starforce games (well the 6 SF games i have) to work Except Cold War..Must do ALL steps
1. disable secondry IDE channel in device manager.
2. have only 1 virtual drive running on alcohol 120 UNTIL DAEMON V4 is out.
3. run SFNightmare and disable NODE, CD and CH2.
4. install run SF Anti File System Blocker (SFcure)
5. make sure u only have ur hard drive(s) floppy and 1 virtual drive enabled in my computer.
6. Mount your image use the full image not mini images. I use Leatherfaces .mds off and rename it SCCT.mds the same as ur .mdf image (dunno if its best to use ur original .mds i was just trying everything at first and got it to work and just carried using it)
7. Play the game.
U have to do steps 3 and 4 each time u restart ur PC