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Thread: Original Splinter Cell Chaos Theory playing without disc help

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    Default Get Splinter Cell Ct To Work 100%

    Using this method i can get most starforce games (well the 6 SF games i have) to work Except Cold War..Must do ALL steps
    1. disable secondry IDE channel in device manager.
    2. have only 1 virtual drive running on alcohol 120 UNTIL DAEMON V4 is out.
    3. run SFNightmare and disable NODE, CD and CH2.
    4. install run SF Anti File System Blocker (SFcure)
    5. make sure u only have ur hard drive(s) floppy and 1 virtual drive enabled in my computer.
    6. Mount your image use the full image not mini images. I use Leatherfaces .mds off and rename it SCCT.mds the same as ur .mdf image (dunno if its best to use ur original .mds i was just trying everything at first and got it to work and just carried using it)
    7. Play the game.
    U have to do steps 3 and 4 each time u restart ur PC

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    oh, almost forgot... when you are making the image, make sure you do not have starforce installed! it will corrupt the image file making it useless (happens at around 33%). To remove starforce, download the "starforce removal tool" (google it)

    also, sfcure comes in two flavours... one for 32bit cpu's and one for 64bit - and i'm not talking about os's here, even if you are running 32bit xp (which i'm sure you are - since dt3.47 does not work in 64bit), if you have an A64 make sure you find the 64bit version of sfcure.

    daniel556 explained it very well except i did not need to do step 6, if you read the dpm at 1x and your drive is capable of reading dpm at a high level, it will work. no need to replace mds file... you will have created an aceptable topology.

    also, if you're like me and can't be bothered disabling everytime... do as i do and buy a ide -> usb cdrom converter and burn the image to a disk using rmps emulation, for $15Aus worked like a charm ;-)
    Athlon X2 3800
    2gb DDR400
    6800nu -> 16x6
    2x160 SATA Raid, 160gb + 80gb + 80gb IDE

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    Default my things to do that it works

    1.install sfcure
    2.install scct
    3.launch sfdrup.exe(i don't know if it's required|
    5.start sfcure driver
    6."disable node"+"disable cd" with sfn or put out my
    optical drive of my notebook and press "disable node",
    "disable node" is important.
    7.start the game

    If it doesn't work try to mount the image with Alcohol if you have mounted it with DT.
    You should have only one virtual drive active if you want start scct and in this mount the image.
    I use the mds file of Leather Face(, too.
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    Yeah! really I also don't get what they are saying in the link u posted...!
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