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Thread: Think again Daemon Dudes =)

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    Default Think again Daemon Dudes =)

    HI Guys,

    First off, I wanted to say I think Daemon tools is a brilliant product. I like it a lot and been a user for quite some time.

    Unfortunately (fortunately?) I'm a XP64 user, meaning I'm one of the guys on leash waiting for 4.0. No this is not another mail to urge you to get it out/send preview etc.

    What I wanted to say though is related to your post today. The reason why people keep bugging you guys is because they think your product is a must for their system. I tend to agree to a certain extent. Geez, I can't understand why MS don't invest in you guys and make daemon tools included in Windows (actually I do understand but anyway).

    This post goes out to credit you Daemon Dudes who make a brilliant software. Try not to get pissed on people posting stupid posts in the forums, try rather to realize that their posts is saying that your product is awesome =)

    All from me, looking forward to release date without bugigng to much =)

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    Start with that DT Dev Team don't need to stick up with this negative respons that as I have understanden is happening. Yes, the program is awesome, but that isn't a go signal for this stupidity. Everyone can behave even if the software is great or bad. If you like it, send a positive email or post in this forum. And as far as I know, you can send an email or post a tread without asking for beta/release date/etc.. You get my point?

    Want to clear this out, I think DT is a great software, and have never asked for BETA or release date. Since as the DT Dev Team is saying "It's done when its done".
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    Default ...

    It seems that violating the site rules is the worse trend.

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    we can live with that "when is V4 ready" questions. What we can't accept are
    postings from so-called "scene-groups" etc. and the usual crack/warez-stuff!

    THOSE people harm our reputation the most. We even thought about much
    more harsh reaction to answer that questions once and for all, but decided to
    first try to sieve out those ones, that won't follow our rules.

    We think that we should remember those people that a daemon-site account
    is not something you can get for free - we expect good behaviour and acceptance
    of our site rules. Otherwise we simple shutdown the registrations to protect
    our serious users - and exact that's what happend now. Maybe people think
    now twice about their account - a simple "regardless what I post, I can everytime
    come back and register again" isn't possible anymore. And guess what?
    This is the first day since 3 years I don't have to ban a user nor do I have to
    move a thread to moderation-forum!

    btw: Customers of course can still register

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    I understand your frustration. All those users not sticking to the rules don't have much to lose - they won't get any help here anyway (even if some of them may not know that at the time they're posting, because they just clicked any accept button they spotted). Those who suffer most are the users who genuinely need help with Daemon Tools.

    However, after many personal conversations with Locutus, I must say that with the current situation, it's the only option we have right now. Most of the time the developers have for Daemon Tools - and that's not 24/7, remember that they still have a privat life and, at least some of them, a 'main' job they have to attend to - is spent keeping this forum clean and sorting through the tons of support-requesting emails most of which are as illegal as the forum threads we delete every day.

    As a result, the development of Daemon Tools v4 and Daemon Tools Pro has suffered a great deal. If we didn't put an end to that, I honestly don't know whether we'd see a Daemon Tools Pro final in 2005.

    There will be a new portal for Daemon Tools when v4 is released, and it will include new ways to prevent this overwhelming mass of posts related to illegal activities. It's impossible to avoid them completely, but it should be much cleaner than this one. But that's still in the future, and however sad it is that we needed to go this far, I fully stand behind that decision until then. The support that's offered in this forum is free for everyone, even the software is free for personal use, and I really think that this should be rewarded with a little respect.

    Everybody, please think about this, and even if you don't agree, don't start a flamewar about it. As I said, I've discussed this several times with Locutus, and ending public support is no empty threat. Think about it. And more importantly, abide by the rules. We don't need this support forum, you do. And it's up to everyone of you to help keep it public.


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