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Thread: WC3 and DT 3.29

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    Default WC3 and DT 3.29

    anyone got 3.29 to work with wc3 1.05? my DT 3.20 works with my clonecd image of wc3 but 3.29 doesn't.

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    Please create the image with full subs. Also, do not enable securom emulation (you shouldn't need it anyhow). If you still get problems, keep trying to run the game. Some users say it works only half (more or less) of the time.

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    my image has 3 parts. ccd img sub. so i have all subs? does alcohol make image better than clonecd 4? i have yet to try that out.

    edit: i didn't enable securom in DT.

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    I doubt alcohol will do any better than clonecd, although you can try.

    This blacklist is known, and should be fixed with the next release.

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    i see thx. i'll stick to 3.20 now and wait for next release.

    saw your sig. how the script works for all image that DT can support? going to try it later.

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    how the script works for all image that DT can support?
    What do you mean? Do you mean how are all images supported in the script?


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