Dear Community,

now I receive every day some emails from users, who didn't understood
my last "rant" against some users.

Let me explain it more detailed (and I will cite such a user that we won't see
here anymore):

and install Alcohol.
This release is included. This is a full and retail keygenned
version. After finishing installation this alcohol....
What did that user expected? Of course we can simple shutdown registry
and ban people. But I think we have the right to tell our users if something
is wrong. I doubt that anyone here want to see that we behave like a big
company and only act as such - then no real communication is possible.

You may ask: But why Daemon Tools Team shutted down the registrations?
There are also honest people out there, and those are the by far bigger
part! Why did they punish them, too?

Yes, you're right. It is not understandable that we punish ALL users. I
thought about this and decided to reopen the registrations again. One
of my team-mates told me "there will be always evil users out there, re-
gardless what we will do" - and he's right about it.

I hope now everyone understand our decision to shut registry down - and
also why we decided to reopen it. Please keep in mind sometimes that WE
are real persons, too.

Don't talk to us as if you don't care - if we don't deserve your respect - ok,
but than please don't annoy us with your help for warez-requests. You can't
download here games nor applications or something else.

One additional word: I want to say thank you to our community - I
receive really very much "Thank You" emails! I read all of them!
Seems that almost 99% of our users understood our reasons, I received
very few negative emails!

I hope we can go back to a real professional level now and announce next
time something more interesting and usefull

IMPORTANT! If you send me email using the board-email-function, then
it's possible I never received them because of
a bug we found in our portal-software. Please use "real" email-client to
write me emails (like, f.e. TheBat or Outlook), sorry for this inconvenience

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