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Thread: Copying Age of Empires III (has SmarteCD Protection)

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    How would we know? Which software and settings did you use to create the image? Usually the image files are created with proper information, thus the writing software won't ask!?
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    Default ????

    Iv just tried installing age of empires 3 and rite at the end of the instalation an error message comes up has this happened to n e 1 before???

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    I just bought the game. and was wondering what programs i should Download in order to burn this game properly where i can play it and play online also..

    programs and steps for each to burn a game would be nice..


    (i know its alot to ask)

    and yes i know there are steps thrw out this post. but alot of it is scattered and then some say those or these steps dont work.. type thing.. i just feel scattered when i read it all

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    Default i need some help!anybody

    iv tried to copy age of empires three usin alcohol 120!iv tried copying it usin ur recent sergestions but it still isnt workin!workin as in when i put the disk in to play the game it doesnt load up can anybody help me?!?

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    Default ...

    GodSend, I moved your post here. Check out all the information above and report if that helps.
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    here is the esiest way
    1. Install Slysoft's CloneCD
    2. Install Alcohol 120% or 52% or Deamon Tools
    3. Install CCleaner
    4. Run CCleaner and "cleaner" + fix "issues"
    5. Backup the game discs with CloneCD using "Read to image file" and "Protected PC Game"
    6. mount the disc with Alcohol or deamon tools
    7. install

    worked fine here
    in vista x64 to

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    thx for the info ....

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    Smarte protected cds are quite easy to copy.

    as nikos said just use the safe disc profile to copy.that should do it


    you can also use an iso image making software with read error ignore enabled

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