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Thread: Operation Flashpoint GOTY

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    Hi, just bought the GOTY version of Operation Flashpoint; some kind of Safedisc encryption... Anybody knows if this version is handled by CloneCD, DiscDump etc?

    Yeah, and by the way - I really only need to create an image for the HDD (for backup reasons and not to have to get the CD out every time i play);
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    I don't feel the need to burn it. Which means there are no specific requirements on the CD-reader, right?


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    Reading it's not hard to do if you use the Fastdump feature although some just can't do it at all like older AOpen CD-ROMs. I keep one around for laughs. The developer who can make it (fast error skip) work on my AOpen 24x can have my babies.
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    no, your reader doesn't need any special feature.
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