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Thread: Foreign Language : French

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balinho
    Are you French Kinlaadare ?
    Look into the "Where do you live" thread in the Off-Topic Forum, where you find your answer.

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    I'm not a guru in English though I can handle it pretty well. I voted yes for users who would like to take part in the community and can't speak (or read) English.
    Now, if we consider this sentence from Kinlaadare, English teaching methods "is an "old" damn shit" in our schools (actually, this isn't my point of view... maybe thanks to my english teacher in 6ème who made me enjoy learning it... now I'm the first in my classroom :wink: ). So it would just not
    settle anything to add a french section as pupils having trouble with english at school wouldn't have to do any translation efforts, thus not improving.
    We could discuss it much more starting from here...

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    Ha ha, nice quote.
    There's only room for one Boss. And one Snake...
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    @CubicReg : This is my opinion only I always had problems with English teachers... until I left school to go to university. Not the same way of thinking...
    Carpe diem

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    Daumen hoch

    I am OK at 100% for a french forum because the problems with daemon tools are technics and it's difficult to exprime with english.
    Lol sorry for my very bad english...

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    sure it could be a good thing. but I experience a french part on a software forum... we we're 2 users (moderator included )
    French people, come on !!! don't be so shy

    this could be great for those french people who have technical problems

    I can't believe it ! this post forced me to register

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    Pourquoi le problème avec le Franзais ?
    XpatTech Computer Services

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    Il n'y a pas vraiment de problèmes XpatTech

    I just doubt there is a real need of a french speaking forum...

    On another side, i use to forget that a lot a french ppl tend to have a lot of problems with foreign languages... particularly with English.
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    Thank for your answers
    I think that a forum in French would be one more for the site.
    And by waiting this blessed day, long life to you all.

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    I don't think that a french DAEMON TOOLS forum is really needed (although it could be nice !).

    There are already some french forums like or where some people are skill users of Alcohol, DAEMON TOOLS, Nero etc ...

    A lot of French users have the capability to understand english if they really want too.


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