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Thread: help "Cannot locate the CD-ROM"

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    Frage help "Cannot locate the CD-ROM"

    Ok can someone help me.
    I have a lot of games so i made then into .iso so that I have than in my PC all that time. I use Daemon to play the .iso and it work fine I install the games but then i get an error. For example in GTA San Andreas i get

    Wrong disc inserted
    Pleace insert the CD/DVD

    In NFSu2 and NFUS i get

    Cannot locate the CD-ROM
    Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application

    the .iso is in the virtual drive
    when i go to My Computer I can see the CD
    so i dont know why it said to insert the CD/DVD

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    Default ISO images are obsolete

    ISO images are obsolete, they do not duplicate copy protections. Create a new image from your original CDs using Alcohol 120%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Underheaven
    ISO images are obsolete
    Uhm, no. They are fine. Just not suitable for copy protected games, that's all.
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