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Thread: INVALID DEVICE!!! Please Help

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    Unglücklich INVALID DEVICE!!! Please Help

    Ok guys..... I need help urgently. i've seen many posts on the forum with similar problems but none have given any solution that works. The forum always ends up drifting to something very unhelpful and out of place.

    So this is my problem..... I got Anti-blaxx and it messed up my system. I deleted and uninstalled all the Daemon-tools and SCSi/Raid files and drivers as all the other help forums instructed. Now all its says is INVALID DEVICE and when I check the device manager the SCSi has a yellow " ! " icon. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it more than 10 times. And i've even done everything i need to do in safe mode too.

    I think i might need a new driver but i dont know where to find the daemon tools driver.

    I use Windows XP , daemon tools version 3.47 , I dont have any other emulation softwares.


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    This thread might help.
    To contact me privately, pray. I might answer.


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