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Thread: DT Dev: THANK YOU!

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    Blinzeln DT Dev: THANK YOU!

    There will be two ways to read this, one is a sucking up, trying to get a release date from you about DT4, the other is just an honest thanks message, I beg you read it as the latter. I do not want a release date, I understand that you don't want to release something like Windows XP was when it first came out - buggy as hell.

    You guys are the most patient group of people I have ever seen, and Locutus somehow hasn't just shut the whole forums and email down, even when 75% of all posts are "I can't wait!" and "It's October xx, where is it?!" I am happy with DT 3, and love how stable it is, and the ability it has to emulate protections on the games I own.

    Please, keep up the good work, and this is to Locutus and all the other developers out there, working not just on Deaemon Tools, but on every piece software out there.



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    I agree with you.
    Lots of credz to the devlopers and all the people that have suported them.

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    Daumen hoch

    I also have to say:

    Daemon Tools 3.xx are a very fine piece of software, and I do also believe that the upcoming release will be very fine. And therefore it's not importent to have a final date specified when there will be a release, just to know that there will be a next version with big improvements, coming in the next days/weeks/months (let's hope it will not take months *G*), is enough we need to know.
    They do a great job, provide this software still as freeware and also have to listen to many complains about NOT releasing NOW from many people. But they still keep on working, and try not to get to angry abot those guys, picking all the time.

    So keep on doing the great job you do, an if it takes still some time: I won't mind at all - It's a pleasure to support you!

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    Yes I love D-Tools 3.xx also! Its free and it works! As Linus Torvalds said (Children do not read this line) "Sex is like software, its better when its free". Look at Alcohol. Its a nice software for burning and emulation but I like Deamon Tools more.
    I like 3.xx and I even bought it 2 days ago. To support D-tools and to get the Pro version of the upcoming

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    Telling a child not to read that line is like ... telling a child not to do *anything* - cause the first thing the child wants to do is do that very thing to see *why* they should not do so.



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