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    I tried to install Tom Clancy's Splinter from an ISO image. First CD went fine, but I am unable to read several files (the last 6 in Sounds\) on CD2 which prevents the game to install at all. Burning the image (Nero) works fine and the files can be read from CD then. I tried emulation options like safedisc but they seem to have no effect...


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    Which program was used to create the image? Seems to be a bad Image, redo image and use other Software to create it, f.e. CloneCD or Alcohol120%

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    FLT release... no flames pls :) However copy of this image has been used to burn CD2, so it is 100% OK...

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    If youґre smart enough to download images, Iґm sure youґre smart enough to read the board rules :evil:
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