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Thread: Crash after 2 minutes on XP

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    Default Crash after 2 minutes on XP

    I totally screw up :|... lol.. I got WinXP Sp1 running on a Xp1700+. It worked very fine, until I tried to put 2 Virtual Drive... After 2 minute, it crashed and restarted my computer automaticly. I removed my hard disk and put it on another computer, and via that computer I erased D-Tools in Program Files... Which I know I shouldn't have do this...

    What I wanna know, is how to compleeeeeeeeeeeeeetly remove D-Tools Manually... I don't even have access to the Hardware Manager in the screwed hard disk :|...

    Is there a way to uninstall completly via Explorer only? heeelp me

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    O and by the way, I tried to start in SAFE MODE, but it freeze. In normal mode, It crash. :S...

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    Have you tried booting into last good confiuration?

    You could also try booting into recovery console, and then delete (backup first) C:\windows\system32\drivers\st3???.sys. At least this would prevent daemon tools from loading...

    Then you should be able to follow the instructions in the common probs faq.


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