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OK, I must have been keeping my eyes shut when these games came to the market, I have never heard of them... execpt freelancer.. which I dont know if this is the one your talking about but it was done by microsoft... So if someone could be so kind as to bring me up to speed on what these games are...
X Series of games from EGOSOFT are nice games, somewhat similar to Freelancer (not quite the same however).

You can build stations, command your ships, ect.. You can view 1st or 3rd person views. Pretty much complete freedom to do what you want in space, from mining, building, taking over sectors (solar systems), blowing up stations ect.., whatever you want to do.

The storyline is short, kinda like Freelancer, X has been around longer however. X2 is still a good game, and runs fine on lower end+ systems.

The main thing about X Series is there is no multiplayer. But what it lacks in multiplayer it makes up for with the ammount of things you can do with the game, modding support is excellent and also provided is an ingame script editor to create your own mods.

You can see all the X Series games by visiting
(Think they are have some probs with the site curently, should be running fine again soon)

There is a Rolling Demo available for X2 - The Threat, you may want to check it out. But X3 has seriously upgraded their graphics and use a new engine.

Here are some screenshots of X3: Reunion
Click a screenshot for larger view:

If you want to Download the demo of X2, you can get it from Enlights site.

Scroll down and you will se Demo download links.

More screenshots are here: (Maybe Spoliers)