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Thread: DT4 - Resolve scsiport.sys?

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    Default DT4 - Resolve scsiport.sys?

    This is NOT a thread to inquire about the release date of DT4. Rather, this is a thread regarding the scsiport.sys/reboot upon installation problem.

    What I would like to ask the dev team or any beta testers is this - For DT4, is this problem being looked at? Will this problem be addressed in DT4?

    The reason I ask is because if it will not be resolved or is not being looked at (not that I'm inferring anything! ), then I will proceed to continue my search on how I can fix this problem rather than wait for the DT4 release, which may or may not fix this problem.

    I graciously thank anyone who can respond to this and let me know. Please know that I harbor absolutely no ill will upon writing this thread whatsover...I'm just curious on how this will be handled.

    Thanks for your time!

    PS - I've stalked these forums and Alcohol 120%'s forums relentlessly, but to no avail on how to resolve this problem. Someone finally told me to just wait until the DT4 release.
    Sa...omai shidai da na.

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    Actually v4 will contain special workaround for drivers behaving "dirty" with scsiport.sys, although it would be better if those drivers would be fixed for good (like e.g. the well known Starforce drivers).
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    Just what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the headsup, Copytrooper.
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