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Thread: After Installiation - Not Running

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    Default After Installiation - Not Running

    HI... Well after i run the instlallation file and then reboot.. I try to run the program off the desktop and theres just that waiting picture on the mouse, then it just stops and nothing happens.. is something wrong with my computer? This has happened on all the computers i have used... I wonder what's wrong lol...


    Thanks for the help

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    Default Re: [ Daemon won't run ]

    Do you see the icon in the System Tray (Sometimes Windows XP hides System Tray icons)? That is the only interface available to use DAEMON Tools, there isn't a program that pops up in the center of the screen or anything.
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    The red with a lightning bolt? Oh, thanks I found it, w00t! Thanks a bunch Much appretiated


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