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Thread: Mount folders as a Virtual CD Drive.

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    Is it possible to mount folders as virtual CD/DVD Drives?

    I stress CD drives, because it it easy to mount folders a virtual hard-drives using the "subst x:" command.

    I can only presume such emulation would be very easy, yet I am unable to find any software out there which does this.

    I work on DVD/VCD video authoring and friend writes some of the extra software for the PC side.

    Editing images can be annoying sometimes, but the ability to mount the folder would be appreciated, instead of saving a new image after each change to test it before the final burn.

    Thank you.

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    Check this thread. No, it's not just about mounting folders as HDDs, read on.
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    Beitrag Thank you, but still searching.

    Thank you NetSoerfer, I read though the thread but see they do not seem to have resolved the issue as yet.

    * I forgot about the good old days of 'FakeCD' (pity it does not work on XP).

    I have no need for any copy protection issuses, I can always add encyption later.

    Is this could be added in v4 or if anyone knows of any other software than can emulate a folder as a CD/DVD drive I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.

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    it would be great, if Daemon-Tools would have such a feature. It would be perfect, if there is a chance to also add a bootsector to this virtual drive.

    I make my own bootable Windows-Unattended-CDs and so I often change little things and have to build an iso-file to test the changes in vmware. There you can select only disc-drives for cdrom. That's the reason, why I'm looking for a feature like this.

    Can anyone say, if something like this is planed?


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    I know this was discussed under the link below, but this thread is less confusing due to the title.

    Has anyone found a solution for mounting a folder as a dvdrom? A LOT of applications filter to this drive type and I've yet to find a work around. It seems like it would be pretty easy for daemon tools to implement, and I know there are quite a few people in the HTPC world that would love this.

    If anyone's found a way or has heard that this feature will be added, any information would be much appreciated.


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