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Thread: How much do you love SONY?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xristaki
    After reading that article all I gotta say is wow. The fact they they stoop to these measures to prevent pirating is B/S. I'm starting to get really pissed off with this cause they are taking it too far. Their EULA doesn't even say that their installing backend stuff that can't be uninstalled.

    First we got Starforce installing drivers into our system and now we got Sony hiding what could be classified as spyware. There companies are getting desperate and in doing so will eventually lead to a lot pissed off people. Theres a point where security is good but also a point where it becomes too intrusive. The simple fact that I can't make a backup of something I own with certain security protections is pissing me off lately.

    Did you know that Starforce is reported to have problems with 1% of owners and they actually consider that feasible. To me 1% is a lot now a days. Instead of factoring in costs lost to pirating their factoring in losses caused by disgruntled legit buyers.

    Did you also know the reason Rollercoaster Tycoon Wild has a huge bug where frames drop between 4-5 (yes I said 4-5) in night time mode is because of the Securom 7 bug they found. Atari themselves admitted it and they are working on a solution right now. Read their boards and you will find the atari employees post under the bug section.

    This is all getting out of hand!!
    This has been out of hand for a long time. Does anyone remember sony's Key2Audio? where they had a track that would crash the pc but be skipped in a conventional cd player?

    haha, i remember how macs ate the disks but didn't spit them out... a lot of angry mac users back then

    but the best part was, that this $76 million worth of protection was debuked by a guy with a permanent marker... colour in the track (which was visibly a different shade) and it skips it in the pc.... now thats inginuety!

    atrac is also a pain in the @$$ and i should know, i use my trusty md all the time.... yes i am still an md user and will be until there is a better option for recording at great quality and for long periods of time.

    anyways back on topic. Sony should use this cash and reduce overall costs, rather than do this BS and raise the cost for everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xeroxide
    Sony should use this cash and reduce overall costs, rather than do this BS and raise the cost for everyone.

    Yes I agree, sony should do something like, give people a break in the cost of alot of thier products because we all know they make a desent size off of most things, expecualy CDs and DVDs....

    and I have a MD player also I use it for storage because I have found moded firmware that makes it baiscly a floppy drive that can play music, hehe

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