This is NOT a thread to inquire about the release date of DT4. Rather, this is a thread regarding the scsiport.sys/reboot upon installation problem.

What I would like to ask the dev team or any beta testers is this - For DT4, is this problem being looked at? Will this problem be addressed in DT4?

The reason I ask is because if it will not be resolved or is not being looked at (not that I'm inferring anything! ), then I will proceed to continue my search on how I can fix this problem rather than wait for the DT4 release, which may or may not fix this problem.

I graciously thank anyone who can respond to this and let me know. Please know that I harbor absolutely no ill will upon writing this thread whatsover...I'm just curious on how this will be handled.

Thanks for your time!

PS - I've stalked these forums and Alcohol 120%'s forums relentlessly, but to no avail on how to resolve this problem. Someone finally told me to just wait until the DT4 release.