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Thread: How do you make a virtual drive of RCT 3 and BF 2?

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    I am very new at this. I read some of the other users' responses and is still clueless.


    Also do you need the original CD in order to for the Daemon Tool to work? Because I have the virtual image of both disks.

    A step by step list would be very helpful

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    No you don't need the orginal game cd/dvd to use Daemon Tools, but you need it to create the image, that you should know.

    You didn't exactly write what it was that you wanted help with.
    This is an answer to the topic question.

    When you have installed and started Daemon Tools just right click the trayicon -> "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM"-> "Device 0/1/2" (etc)-> "Mount Image"-> Than just select and mount your image.
    After that just instal/play it like you do with the original cd.
    If you didn't understand this there is a big DAEMON Tools Help in the left menu.

    To get this to work you need working images of course, what filetype are the images and how did you create them?

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    I use Alcohol 120% to make the Image Files

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    Before we can say if it's even possible to run the game from the image "out of the box", we must know what game this is, and what options you used in Alcohol to create the image. As a general rule:

    1. Put the CD in the drive.
    2. Use A-Ray Scanner to find out the protection.
    3. If that fails, install and scan the installation directory with A-Ray.
    4. Use Alchol to create the image, with the appropriate options for the protection A-Ray Scanner has identified.
    5. Mount the image.
    6. You might need to use anti-blacklisting tools.
    7. Play.
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