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where you refuring to the study with the children and the violent cartoons? What they conlcuded from that is some kid react to the cartoons miss jugdeing them as reality, but what he's trying to make is that a mature adult can be influnced by such a thing. I dont know of any study of violent video games that tested on a mature adult, I do know there was one on adalesence and it came back inconclusive because some where affected other had no affect.
Errr..... You lost me with the first line . I did an A-Level (UK system) in psychology. I think you're refering to the Bobo doll (a doll that bounces back upright after being hit) studies where an adult would hit a Bobo doll in front of children, and then observe their reaction afterwards. I don't need to remember that stuff anymore:wink: 'cos I finished my A-Levels, and Psychology ain't my line of study. No disrespect to your achievement in psychology. Btw, what country did you study in, 'cos most of these studies were done in America.
This other study relating to TV violence found that ppl who watch violent tv, are less violent!!!