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Thread: How often do you reinstall your OS???

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    I really dislike reinstalling OSes so I do it only when necessary. Must have been 3 years since I last felt I'd "ruined" my system enough to require a fresh install. I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to collecting little apps and stuff. I always lose something or other during the process and thats the main reason why I avoid it like the plague.

    I should probably try Norton Ghost or something, just never really trusted them. I've got an open mind so try and sell them to me!!!

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    Cool wowwwwweeee and I thought I was bad

    I reinstall my os (If using my emachines restore DVD counts as reinstalling) Whenever my PC Starts running slower than normal. I have my OS and spyware, adware and antivirus apps, some other small apps on the main (C drive, my larger apps such as games and lage programs like ms office, and visual are stored on my 160 GB secondary hard drive. I also restore after I buy and install new hardware, like recently when I bought a new BFG geforce fx 5500 OC, A new DVD Rewritable Dual layer drive (My Original one died on me), 2x 512 mb sticks of DDR PC2700 ram, A new soundblaster live 24-bit soundcard (previous one was AC realtek onboard audio)
    and my 160 GB hard drive all my games are stored on now.
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    I reguarily reinstall the OS when testing tweaks on my PC.

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    Cool ehm...

    reinstallin' huh? Just think, that I try, when possible, to reinstall my operating system just only when there's a new os on the way. Last time this happen is when i installed WinXP 64bit... so, probably... my next OS reinstall will happen when Windows Vista x64 will be out.

    Last thing.. believe me, I hate the OS reinstall process, you have to reinstall all the applications, drivers, configuring them.. etc. etc. but believe me, it is said that only after a storm you can feel the air better than before. So.. keep reinstallin'. It rocks! (kidding)

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    generally when something happens otherwise as long as it runs i leave it, the install of windows is not the problem the setting up of my computer for work afterwards is, now having a Laptop as a second Computer i can re-install my Workstation and use the Laptop for work, but generally say if its working then leave it.
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    Lächeln asdf

    i reinstall quite often like 1 every 2 weeks

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    Default Reinstall

    On 32 bit systems - I use acronis from a image that is setup with all my base programs.
    Reimaging takes about 15-20 minutes.

    On my X64 systems its a little more complicated (acronis does not support x64 yet) - but basically the same - can do a fresh install from a image anytime with very little hassle.


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    You guys should really look into IMAGING your fresh installs - makes life a whole easier.

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    Here it only takes 10 mins to boot from bootable disc, run ghost and restore a ghosted x64 install. Takes around 30 mins to backup a drive / partition depending on a) the amount of data b) compression to be used c) speed of drive.

    Think of ghost as taking a "snapshot" of your entire operating system and should anything ever go wrong, you can restore that "snapshot" and have your operating system run exactly as well as it did when you first ghosted it.

    As lance1962 already said, imaging is such a time-saver; Why go through lengthy reinstalls when you can install it once, ghost your operating system when you feel it is running "perfectly", store your backed up image safely away and should disaster ever strike, your faced with only a few mins restoration time.
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