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Thread: any way to get daemon tools running under win95a?

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    Default any way to get daemon tools running under win95a?

    Hi Forum,

    I am in desperate need to get a free virtual cd drive running under win95a. Daemon tools would be perfect, that's why I am wondering if there is any way to get it running under win95a. The installer says I need at least win95b. Is there any update for the OS to convert from Win95a to win95b? I think there was a USB patch for win95 from Microsoft at one time... Would exchanging certain system files help?

    The problem is that I want to install it in my primary schools network where we run win95a clients. I don't plan reinstall them completely with a win95b, because that would mean hours and hours of work!

    Thanks for any suggestions,


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    No way - unfortunately the USB update requires Win95b or higher.
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