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Thread: commandline return code

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    Default commandline return code

    First i'd like to say thanx for a great software. I was so happy when i found it. It really makes my life easier.

    Anyway to the point. I'm trying to script the mounting of images in girder ( A software for remote control of windows. But have some small diffuculties with the current commandline interface.

    What i'd like to see is that the return code of the program after been run with the -mount parameter, would return if the mount was a success or not. Like returning 0 for success and 1 for error, i believe that is the standard way of notifying the shell that something went wrong.
    Also have the option of not displaying the message box telling the user that the mount failed. This since the program hasn't exited, it locks up execution of code in girder until the user presses ok.

    Just two small thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated if they were to be included in an upcoming release.

    With high regards
    Joakim Plate

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    Read my previous post.

    What you need is, for example:

    bteexec.exe --cmdline if(mount 0,yourimage.iso) exit 0 ELSE exit 1

    And read the docs.

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    Thanx, kinda didn't see the need for a separate program for doing this at first.

    Then I decided to go for it anyway and I wrote a plugin for girder using the daemon-tools sdk. More control that way.

    Thanx though.


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