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Thread: Do you think that there's going to be any freeware that does the same as Alcohol 120%

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    Default Wine, WineX, Cegega, Transgaming

    Wine, WineX, Cegega, Transgaming -- those programs/technologies only support some games (Transgaming says over 300 games).

    One thing you can try is visiting this webpage

    then check the box that says "Display only games officially supported by TransGaming" and click the second search button at the bottom of the screen and you'll only get 40 results.

    p.s. nice comparison Azreal_Reaper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikos
    With all due respect, I can whine as I please.

    I hate MS, I hate MS, I hate MS! There.
    I hav to agree with you......

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