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Thread: How long till I'm officially a "customer"?

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    I made payment by credit card 3 days ago....
    And as yet I still dont have the trendy "customer" title....
    Does it take longer with credit card for you guys to receive payment or something? Or are you fellas just too busy trying to push v4 out the door? :P

    Anyways.. can't wait till my custom title arrives.. kekeke

    Cheers for now guys

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    For me with Mastercard (from Germany) It took 4 days!

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    Read this thread.

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    Ahhh thanks methadon
    I just could NOT think what to search for in the case of that question :P
    Now it is all so clear....
    I had kinda figured it would be due to the imminent release of v4, and that thread confirms my suspicions....
    Again.. thx mate.

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    i just order mine

    we will get free the Pro 1 version right?
    beacuse the order was for 3.74 ver :/

    i got Game Jackal to but with the update it make every 3-4 months there is no point in 3-4 months i will be bored with the game and i would uninstall it anyway

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    is the forum slow or is just me?


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