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Thread: Thank you DT Dev Team!

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    Could be a bad image, try making a new image and try different settings in Alcohol 120%. A good image should run, trackmania uses an older version of StarForce which should not be a big problem running under DT4

    Enable RMPS in Alcohol 120%, try making a copy around 2x-10x speed. Some drives may be better at high such as 24x+
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    i swaped the via ide drivers with the standard windows ide drivers, and now it works with DT4 and nightmare (disable node, disable cd)


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    Yet another Tip!
    SFN will NOT work on PCs, which habe the HDD and CD or DVD on the same IDE Port/Cable.
    Buy another IDE Cable and put Your CD/DVD as Master on the second IDE Port.

    Another Solution is to use an USB CD or DVD(you can still use your old DVD, in an external Case),ALL internal optical Drives MUST BE DISCONNECTED, so you will never have a IDE Problem again.

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    [QUOTE=hansie45]SFN will NOT work on PCs, which habe the HDD and CD or DVD on the same IDE Port/Cable.

    Thats not quite sure. Only if you primary (boot) hard drive is on the same cable it obviously won't work, because your system is loaded from that drive and you can't disable it.

    But if you have a secondary hard drive and neither the game or operating system is there, I see no reason why you couldn't disable it.

    It's also common practice never to put hard drive and CD-ROM on the same cable, since it slows down the hard drive.

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    Default sf-x3

    hey guys how do iget x3:reunion to work i can't get it to work without using the cd.

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    l1nvx, please use the search function and post in the the proper thread or new thread
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    Daumen hoch

    Thanks a lot guys, i was waiting for a very long time for a x64 version, it's so wonderful...

    So as we say in France... Merci beaucoups les gars !!!

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    Hey i finaly got it to work i had to take out my ide cables, and emulation rpm with dt4 and it worked... but i'ts REALLY laggy and stuff slow... how do i fix that i heard that is because of starforce also sometimes?

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    Daumen hoch kisses everywhere !

    yeah this topic is a "must reply" !
    Thanx you to all DT team who made my life easier !
    kisses everywhere ! (hahaha!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by l1nvx
    Hey i finaly got it to work...
    Didn't we already have that discussion with the search button and the right thread? This is OFF TOPIC here...
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