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Thread: Need help installing Daemon Tool's.

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    Default Need help installing Daemon Tool's.

    Every time I install Daemon Tool's it pops up an error and say's, "Error 25001 Device setup error. Code 2501. Contact your support personnel".
    Please help me. Thanks. :wink:

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    Please help me. Thanks.
    Of course we will help you. But you must help us first.

    Please post your operating system (service pack?);
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    installed burning software, antivirus, firewall, etc...

    Please also post your full system configuration (motherboard, video card, etc...)

    Also, I do not see how this poll is relevant. Many users may have problems, but it may be their own fault. Most times, a buggy driver or software is causing the problem. What exactly do you want to gain from this poll?

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    @Andareed: We should take this poll as a Joke :mrgreen:

    I've already voted - I've surely installed DT on more than 100 machines, not a single one without success, sooner or later

    @DeadEye: Does this mean, I should vote 100 times for ->No Probs?? :mrgreen:

    Seriously, you should provide us with more info, otherwise it's impossible to help you

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    Antivirus- Mcafee

    Installed burning software-none


    Service Pack- none

    Operating System- Windows ME

    Mother board- AMD Athlon or DDR, 2 Ultra DMA/ 100 Bus Master IDE, 3dimms up to 1.5 GB PC 1600/ PC 2100 DDR SDRAM, VIA kt266/a + VT8233 ) AGPset supports FSB 266 MHz, 6 PCI, 1 AGP (2X/4X, ATX FORM FACTOR

    Video Card-Radeon 7200

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    YYYEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I got it to work. Thanks guys.


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